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12 Week Dare To Be Fabulous Behavioral Change

Contact MacKenzie to set-up your Discovery session at Imagine@FabYOUniversity.com

  • Thirteen Sessions:

    1 intake session of 90 minutes (in person when possible or via phone/skype) 12 sessions of 60 minutes each (3 in person when possible; 9 via phone/skype)
  • Readiness Evaluation

    self awareness assessment to assist you in starting at the beginning, setting the stage for success
  • Self Awareness Coaching

    (NLP and Thought Pattern Management) concuer the mind games you play!!!! CHANGE: Thoughts, Words, Actions
  • Personalized Dare To Be Fabulous Workbook

    to guide you forward in a fun and engaging way; custom designed homework, practices, readings and activities
  • Education

    on the “Dare To Be Fabulous Approach” puzzle designed to show you how the pieces go together and why they are all important in continuing to generate success on your own
  • Action Plan

    for continued progress on your own
  • Emergency calls/e-mails

    as needed