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MacKenzie Wolf MA, CPT – Trainer, Coach, Educator

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speaking MacKenzie Wolf has been training, coaching and educating women on how to live the “I AM FABULOUS’ life for over 20 years. In addition to one/one work with individuals, she speaks to groups of women both large and small, public and private. MacKenzie teaches women of all ages and background circumstances her amazingly unique “DARE TO BE FABULOUS APPROACH”, which brings into alignment the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of self. Women experience stunning transformations, as they begin to live the “I AM FABULOUS” life. MacKenzie brings her knowledge base and personal experience to her presentations. She teaches techniques and strategies based on truth not illusion, that lead to comprehensive lifestyle changes. Her incredible energy and love of life comes through in all she does making her presentations interactive, entertaining and educational. If you are looking for a speaker that will energize and inspire your audience, then MacKenzie is for you. MacKenzie speaks on a wide variety of health and wellness related topics. If you’d like to bring excitement and motivation to your next event, it is time to contact MacKenzie Wolf!

Some of MacKenzie’s Speaking Topics:

How to complete the “DARE TO BE FABULOUS” puzzle and begin living the “I AM FABULOUS LIFE!”

The FAB 7:

  • AUTHENTICITY – How to make choices that lead to the creation of your true authentic self!
  • CHOICE – How to make choices that create the tomorrows you want to live!
  • RELATIONSHIP – How to do life together with…self, others and all the stuff that surrounds you!
  • MOVEMENT – How to let movement work for you and have fun at the same time!
  • NOURISHMENT – How to separate reality from myth when it comes to the food you eat!
  • CONSCIOUSNESS – How to stop the mind games, change your story and unlock the secret to your, “I AM FABULOUS LIFE!”
  • ACTION – How to get off the bench, get into the game of life and play it to the fullest!
A wide variety of health and wellness topics! Contact MacKenzie for Details!

MacKenzie’s Credentials Include:

  • Certified Fitness Professional, National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Women’s Fitness Specialist
  • Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Behavior Change Specialist
  • Life Coach, Center For Coach Training
  • Parent/Teen Coach, Academy For Family Coach Training
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Thought Pattern Management Practitioner
  • Advanced Studies in Clinical Nutritional (Designs for Health Institute)
  • Pilates Instruction, matt and reformer (Stott Trained)
  • Reiki Practitioner, Level I
  • 18 Credit Hours, Portland Community Collage, Portland, OR
  • Rank1, Certificate in Administration, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY
  • M.A., Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY
  • B.A., Elementary Education, Northern Kentucky University, Highlands Heights, KY

Media Contact:

MacKenzie Wolf 503-816-9449 MacKenzie@fabyouniversity.com

Media Kit:

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    What People Say About MacKenzie….

    … new me in personal confidence
    Diana-in-red-scarf[1] Mackenzie has been such a great inspiration to me over the last ten years. Through her encouragement and teaching, I have found a new me in personal confidence. My body, my thinking and my action steps are in alignment with long term well-being, fitness, nutrition and health. As I approach my 60’s I would say I never felt better!Looking forward to my fit and fabulous golden years.
    – Diana Sterling
    Author, The Parent as Coach Approach
    Founder, The Academy for Family Coach Training

    … positive personal growth
    It is my pleasure to endorse MacKenzie. I have had the opportunity to work with her as a Professional Coach and have benefited and continue to benefit from her professionalism and knowledge. Engaging with MacKenzie to effect positive personal growth has provided the tools necessary to ignite my practice with focus and energy for change.
    – Christine A. Cook,DC

    … excellent and discerning listener
    MacKenzie is a gifted, dedicated fitness professional and life coach, able to provide help where it is needed. Being an excellent and discerning listener, she has provided me with insight into root causes for problem areas along with action plans for either resolving or living harmoniously with them. Her extensive nutritional and fitness knowledge gave me a roadmap for eating and exercise that worked with my likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. She has been a big plus in my life.

    … wisdom, clarity, and encouragement
    Rachel Curry Mackenzie’s Ignite Change program was exactly what I needed. I learned how to feed my muscle, not the fat I carry. Her wisdom, clarity, and encouragement gave me the structure and the support I needed. Kick in the pants? Yes. I was terrified to start, but when the initial fear subsided, I found strength to create new habits and let go of old ones. With Mackenzie’s help, I see the possibility of lasting results achieved in a sustainable, healthy way.
    – Rachel Curry
    Certified Family Coach

    … I’m squarely in the driver’s seat
    Working with MacKenzie really helped me shift my orientation back to myself. I’m squarely in the driver’s seat again – taking good care of myself, having way more fun and making very tangible progress towards my goals. She offers a playful spirit, a significant knowledge bank and very practical tools for guiding you through big changes. I emerged having a new relationship with myself-not just about my body, but about my whole life. Thanks, MacKenzie. Time to dance!…

    … feeling and looking great
    I really enjoyed working with MacKenzie! She cleared up many dieting myths and the misconceptions I had. She is very knowledgable in the field of health and weight management. I am feeling and looking great and I have finally met my health goals- thanks to MacKenzie!
    – Charlynn Chambers

    … I lost 22 pounds
    Choosing MacKenzie as my coach was the best decision I could have made for myself. Following her individualized plan of nutrition and exercise I lost 22 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of muscle. I couldn’t have done this by myself. The part that helped me the most was meeting with her once a week to check in with my goals and attitude.
    – Janna Tobergte

    . . . incredible energy and love of life
    MacKenzie has been working with me one – on – one for the past 3 months and I love the results I am seeing in my life. I am seeing physical changes in my body (as I had hoped), but I am experiencing change in other areas as well. She is continually reminding me, “it is all connected: BODY – MIND – SPIRIT…; each part affecting the other.” It’s not about a number on the scale or the size label in a garment. Change begins in my head, is connected to my heart/emotions, and is played out in my actions and habits. The critical, judgmental dialogue is being replaced, as I apply what I learned during my coaching with MacKenzie, coupled with the personal experience and compassion that MacKenzie brings to her practice. MacKenzie has an incredible energy and love of life that comes through in all she does.
    – Colleen Kornelis

    … the heart to help you explore
    MacKenzie’s individualized program for me involved treating my physical body with respect through balanced nutrition and balanced exercise, but more importantly treating myself with respect. My success came through this process: learning to say good things about myself and having someone to be accountable to. MacKenzie brought a unique compassion that allowed me to openly discuss how I felt each day. Whether I felt discouraged about my appearance or upset with myself for needing helping the first place, there was nothing too minor to share with her. Encouragement was always on the other side. She has the know how to teach, but she especially has the heart to help you explore what is happening in your mind and spirit. When seeking to make such a change for your life addressing the mind, body and spirit is essential for the long term MacKenzie is just he person to see you through that journey.