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About MacKenzie

MacKenzie Wolf MA, CPT, CNC – Trainer, Coach, Educator

Mackenzie Wolf MacKenzie Wolf is a highly experienced, high energy wellness educator. She is committed to promoting comprehensive lifestyle change for clients through the integrated whole self approach. She is creative, versatile and compassionate with strong motivational talents. In addition, her track record exceeds the expectations of clients of all ages and background circumstances. MacKenzie has been at every end of the fitness spectrum ranging from anorexic to overweight, as well as from illness to exceptional health. She tried every new fad that came along, however, all were without lasting results. As a result of her roller coaster ride, MacKenzie learned that having a perfectly “fit” body means very little. It must also be matched with a heart of wonder and an eagerly positive mind-set. MacKenzie was determined to create the total package. She combined the knowledge gained through her education and certifications with the wisdom gained from her personal roller coaster of ups and downs to create FabYOUniversity and the “Dare To Be Fabulous Approach”. MacKenzie designed this unique approach for the purpose of bringing women into alignment with themselves. Consequently, they can look in the mirror everyday and say:  “I am irresistibly fabulous today!” FabYOUuniversity has the individual woman in mind, because Mackenzie knows that “Fabulous” is not a one size fits all experience.   7 core areas of study are at the heart of the curriculum. As each woman is on her own personal journey, she chooses the course of study that best fits with creating her most fabulous self.

How does MacKenzie help?

Women move past “if only” thinking. They experience radiant aliveness in their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional lives. As MacKenzie learned from personal experience, we are not only “what we eat”, but also what we think, do and believe. Most noteworthy is MacKenzie’s belief that all women are fabulous. Therefore, her greatest passion is providing women with the education, training and coaching necessary to transform the relationship they have with self. As a result of her mentorship, they create their most fabulous self ever. As MacKenzie always says, “Getting help when you need it is better than trying to go it alone. Over the past 20+ years I have worked with women who are living the success they once only dreamed of.  Let her show you how to become irresistibly fabulous forever.” MacKenzie is living proof that you can be the fabulous self you have always dreamed of and she is ready to partner with other women as they journey to create their most fabulous self… ever! Imagine this:  You wake up in the morning, give yourself a hug and say: “I am irresistibly fabulous today.”

MacKenzie Wolf truly believes that every woman is fabulous and is sincerely committed to helping them realize this!

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