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Diana-in-red-scarf[1]Mackenzie has been such a great inspiration to me over the last ten years. Through her encouragement and teaching, I have found a new me in personal confidence. My body, my thinking and my action steps are in alignment with long term well-being, fitness, nutrition and health. As I approach my 60’s I would say I never felt better! Looking forward to my fit and fabulous golden years. Audio Testimonial:

 Diana Sterling Author, The Parent as Coach Approach Founder, The Academy for Family Coach Training
MacKenzie’s individualized program for me involved treating my physical body with respect through balanced nutrition and balanced exercise, but more importantly treating myself with respect. My success came through this process: learning to say good things about myself and having someone to be accountable to. Along with her knowledge and expertise, MacKenzie brought a unique compassion that allowed me to openly discuss how I felt each day. No topic was too minor to share with her. Encouragement was always on the other side. As a result of our work together, I developed a positive body image and my unhealthy eating disorder was never repeated. Five years later I have maintained by new patterns. I exercise regularly – not obsessively, I eat foods that serve my body, and still treat myself. Most importantly, I feel great about it. All MacKenzie’s lessons proved maintainable. MacKenzie has the know how to teach, but she especially has the heart to help you explore what is happening in your mind, body and spirit. When seeking to make such a change for your life, addressing the mind, body and spirit is essential for the long term. MacKenzie is just the person to see you through that journey.
 Kristi Metschan

MacKenzie is a gifted, dedicated fitness professional and life coach, able to provide help where it is needed. Being an excellent and discerning listener, she has provided me with insight into root causes for problem areas along with action plans for either resolving or living harmoniously with them Her extensive nutritional and fitness knowledge gave me a roadmap for eating and exercise that worked with my likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. She has been a big plus in my life.
Maja Tibbling

Working with MacKenzie really helped me shift my orientation back to myself. I’m squarely in the driver’s seat again – taking good care of myself, having way more fun and making very tangible progress toward my goals. She offers a playful spirit, a significant knowledge band and very practical tools for guiding you through big changes. I emerged having a new relationship with myself – not just about my body, but my whole life Thanks MacKenzie. Time to dance!……
Lisa Latin

MacKenzie has stuck with me in my ‘on again’, ‘off again’ process of making what she teaches a permanent part of my thoughts and actions. She knows that breaking “old records” and replacing those negative messages with new ones takes time, and she has been willing to give me the time I need. She waits patiently while I use the tools she teaches that change the messages in my subconscious, and when I am ready she is right there to encourage and remind me what the next step is. Thank you MacKenzie for not giving up on me!
Gail Watson

Choosing MacKenzie as my coach was the best decision I could have made for myself. Following her individualized plan of nutrition and exercise I lost 22 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of muscle. I couldn’t have done this by myself. The part that helped me the most was meeting with her once a week to check in with my goals and attitude.
Janna Tobergte

MacKenzie has a balanced approach – weaving body, mind and spirit into a new way of looking at health and fitness. She continually supported me not only in achieving the best physical results possible, but also in reaching for the best in me as a human being.
Colleen Suzanne 

MacKenzie has the rare attribute to be able to both encourage and discipline. She makes the process fun while allowing you to fail without being a failure. With her guidance in a little over 4 months, we have collectively shed 40 pounds of fat and gained muscle as well. Both of us are enjoying high energy levels that we last experienced long ago. The fact is that we have much more fun and are more productive people than we were. We appreciate MacKenzie’s professionalism and have come to think of her as a friend. We look forward to our sessions together because we know she is committed to us and our success.
Pat and Dan Knox