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Imagine Yourself… Living The “I AM FABULOUS” Chapter of Your Life Story!




This site is dedicated to helping women become their most fabulous self.

MacKenzie has been thru everything from over weight to extremely anorexic and can share from personal experience how to break thru the barriers that can enslave anyone. With her years of teaching, fitness and coaching experience, MacKenzie will help transform her clients into their most fabulous self. Here at FabYOUniversity, women will feel that their issues are being understood and can look forward to great results. Her greatest passion is providing women with the education, training and coaching necessary to transform the relationship they have with self, leading to the most fabulous self ever. As MacKenzie always says, “Getting help when you need it is better than trying to go it alone.  Over the past 20+ years I have worked with women who are living the success they once only dreamed of.  Let me show you how to become irresistibly fabulous forever.” Come and experience MacKenzie’s one on one coaching for yourself and you will be surprised at the changes that you will see in a very short time. MacKenzie focuses on the individual person and will make anyones goals come true. Let’s let every woman live the life of ‘I AM FABULOUS”. Let’s see how MacKenzie can help you. Begin living the ‘I AM FABULOUS’ chapter of your life story, TODAY. Contact MacKenzie to get started.