Mackenzie coach/mentor That’s simple! If you are ready to begin living the “I AM FABULOUS” chapter of your life and are looking for a coach/mentor who will partner with you in creating the perfect program designed especially for you, then you need MacKenzie. She is creative, versatile and compassionate with strong motivational talents and a track record that exceeds the expectations of women of all ages and background circumstances. MacKenzie is committed to the success of the women she works with. To this end, she promotes truth, not illusion. She has the rare attribute of being able to encourage and discipline. In addition, she brings a playful spirit, a significant knowledge base, practical tools and lots of personal experience to the coaching experience. Clients emerge having a new relationship with self and are able to look in the mirror and say: “I AM FABULOUS!” MacKenzie offers a variety of coaching opportunities ranging from the basic get started Ignite Change program, to a personal VIP DAY, to a 12 week DARE TO BE FABULOUS experience, to the new and exciting membership to FAB YOU. If you would like to discover your most fabulous self and experience the success that others have found while coaching with MacKenzie, we invite you to look at MacKenzie’s coaching options.
“DARE TO BE FABULOUS AND FIT” One – on – One 12 week Coaching Programs
Picture the personal transformation that could happen partnering with MacKenzie for a 12 week intensive DARE TO BE FABULOUS makeover. Your custom designed experience begins with an introduction to the FAB7, followed by a self awareness assessment, which provides the starting point for your DARE TO BE FABULOUS makeover. MacKenzie brings wisdom, clarity and encouragement as the two of you work together to create the perfect plan for the change you desire. During your 12 weeks you will be face to face with MacKenzie for 60 minutes each week and unlimited email access at all times. Prepare to emerge having a new relationship with yourself! You look in the mirror and say, “I AM FABULOUS!!!” Click Here For More Details
“DARE TO BE FABULOUS AND FIT” One – on – One Personal VIP Day
Imagine what could happen to your life if you had MacKenzie’s complete attention for one full day. Stunning transformations occur during these one day sessions. First, MacKenzie will have you fill out a questionnaire about what you hope to accomplish in your day with her. On your day, you will be with MacKenzie for 6 hours. Focused on nothing but creating the perfect plan for the change you desire. Come prepared to emerge with a new ‘I AM FABULOUS’ relationship with self. Click Here For More Details
FabYOUniversity VIP Membership
As a FAB YOU member, you will be part of a community of women who have joined the DARE TO BE FABULOUS REVOLUTION! Learn and grow from fellow students as well as everything else FAB YOU has to offer. Membership comes with many benefits. Check them out by clicking the member benefits button below. Click Here For More Details
“DARE TO BE FABULOUS AND FIT” Ignite Change Program
If you are ready to create positive change and resolve the conflicts you have with yourself, then Ignite Change is a great place to begin. Take the 1ST step. Start at the beginning and explore the pieces necessary to create your I AM FABULOUS LIFE! Click Here For More Details
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    What People Have To Say About MacKenzie….
    … new me in personal confidence
    Diana-in-red-scarf[1] Mackenzie has been such a great inspiration to me over the last ten years. Through her encouragement and teaching, I have found a new me in personal confidence. My body, my thinking and my action steps are in alignment with long term well-being, fitness, nutrition and health. As I approach my 60’s I would say I never felt better!Looking forward to my fit and fabulous golden years.
    – Diana Sterling
    Author, The Parent as Coach Approach
    Founder, The Academy for Family Coach Training

    … the heart to help you explore

    Along with her knowledge and expertise, MacKenzie brought a unique compassion that allowed me to openly discuss how I felt each day. No topic was too minor to share with her. Encouragement was always on the other side. As a result of our work together, I developed a positive body image and my unhealthy eating disorder was never repeated.

    … excellent and discerning listener
    MacKenzie is an excellent and discerning listener. She has provided me with insight into root causes for problem areas along with action plans for either resolving or living harmoniously with them.

    … wisdom, clarity, and encouragement

    Rachel Curry Mackenzie’s Ignite Change program was exactly what I needed. I learned how to feed my muscle, not the fat I carry. Her wisdom, clarity, and encouragement gave me the structure and the support I needed. Kick in the pants? Yes. I was terrified to start, but when the initial fear subsided, I found strength to create new habits and let go of old ones. With Mackenzie’s help, I see the possibility of lasting results achieved in a sustainable, healthy way.
    – Rachel Curry
    Certified Family Coach

    … playful spirit
    MacKenzie offers a playful spirit, significant knowledge base and very practical tools for guiding you through big changes.

    MacKenzie has been working with me one – on – one for the past 3 months and I love the results I am seeing in my life. I am seeing physical changes in my body (as I had hoped), but I am experiencing change in other areas as well. She is continually reminding me, “it is all connected: BODY – MIND – SPIRIT…; each part affecting the other.” It’s not about a number on the scale or the size label in a garment.

    It begins in my head, is connected to my heart and emotions, and is played out in my actions and habits. That “little voice” that seemed to appear in my thinking around the age of twelve and told me that I was too _______, and compared myself to __________ is being silenced. That critical, judgmental dialogue is being replaced as I apply the information coupled with the personal experience and compassion that MacKenzie brings to her practice. MacKenzie has an incredible energy and love of life that comes through in all she does.
    – Colleen Kornelis

    … I lost 22 pounds
    Choosing MacKenzie as my coach was the best decision I could have made for myself. Following her individualized plan of nutrition and exercise I lost 22 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of muscle. I couldn’t have done this by myself. The part that helped me the most was meeting with her once a week to check in with my goals and attitude.
    – Janna Tobergte